Yes, indeedour summers are currently becoming warmer –due to global warming. Because of this, you may hardly find a home, office, or car without an air-conditioning system. But were you aware there are a few mistakes that we make and they end up impacting the safety, efficiency, and efficacy of our ac systems?

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The following are some of the mistakes which can impact the functionality of your AC system. You should not be surprised when you realize that you are not aware that you’re making of these errors.
Struggling To Clean and Modify the AC Filter

James Braun, an engineering professor at Purdue University and the director of the Center for High Performance Buildings, says that dirty air filters will be the leading causes of poor airflow and circulation in air-conditioning units. Anyway, James claims a dirty air filter may freeze up your AC unit.

The chances of a dirty air filter has been polluted with bacteria and microorganisms are extremely large, and a number of the germs can be bad for our bodies in the event we inhale them. Based on Mark Mendel, a top scientist at the Laboratory at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Environment Group, dirty air filters at AC units can cause asthma in addition to other associated allergies.

Whenever you don’t change your air filters required, you can raise your utility bills by around 15%. In addition to this, failing to alter the atmosphere filters shortens the life span of an air conditioning system.


But you may decrease your utility bills by simply altering and often cleaning your AC filters every 3 months. This is a straightforward and inexpensive undertaking, which costs around $10. However, folks with ductless AC units shouldn’t replace the air filters. You just need to remove the air filter, then wash it to clean out the dirt and then place it back into the AC unit.
Failing to perform Regular Maintenance and Servicing

This one of the most significant mistakes achieved by those who own air conditioning methods. Many men and women assume that their AC systems are not faulty, so long as it’s”working well”–however, this isn’t true. Yes, your system might be functioning, but not optimally in the event you don’t do regular servicing and maintenance. Although it is simple to clean your unit’s filter by following easy DIY videos on the web, you have to hire Honest Air to perform yearly servicing.
Improper Positioning Your Thermostat

It’s important to see that the location and place of your thermostat features a substantial effect on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. You shouldn’t install your thermostat at the kitchen or near heat-producing appliances. A number of these areas or appliances may trick your thermostat that your house requires more cooling. Because of this, it can make your AC system to function more that it is needed. This, then, can affect the efficiency of the system, in addition to increase your utility bills.

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Under Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans

Would you know that a ceiling fan can help out with the flow of this cool air from an ac unit? Yes, that is possible. Ceiling fans do not absorb as much energy since AC systems, but they still have the same functionality as an air-conditioning unit. Using a ceiling fan assists your AC system to not overwork. If you are using a ceiling fan to circulate cold air during the summertime, do not neglect to set it to rotate anticlockwise because this enhances the airflow in the home.
Cooling Empty Rooms

You should never cool a space when it is not in use. This one of the methods that could help you in reducing your utility bills. When cooling your house, always be sure you shut the vents at the vacant rooms since this prevents the rooms from absorbing your cooled air.
Keeping Your Carpets and Curtains Open

This is another common error we perform, and it costs us a lot in terms of utility bills. When you leave your blinds and drapes open, the cool atmosphere can escape out of your home, thus producing your AC unit to overwork.

Moreover, when the sun penetrates through the open blinds, then it raises the temperature in your house, which also causes your AC unit to overwork in an endeavor to decrease the additional heat.